Website Kick Start 2.0



It’s time to put your website to work for you.

You & your business have suffered too long from an incomplete, dysfunctional, or not-true-to-you website.

Your website can be your best employee. It can tell your story, offer support, answer questions while you’re sleeping, and sell, sell, sell!

Or your website can be that guy who just punches his time card, ticks off the customers, and makes trouble for you. Don’t let your website be “that guy.”

Website Kick Start teaches you how to create a custom WordPress website perfect for your business, ecourse, or online community.

You will have clarity on exactly what you want your website to do for your customers and your business.

In each lesson, you’ll learn some best practices of web design so that your site is easy to read and goal-oriented.

You’ll also learn about maximizing WordPress as a website platform because we’re firm believers that you haven’t really learned something until you understand it.

Put your website to work for you.