Speaking & Workshops

Speaking & Workshops

Speaking & Workshops by Tara Gentile & Adam King

When it comes to hard-hitting messages, we deliver.

Your audience deserves spirited, nuanced conversations about money & meaningful business. Your audience craves of-the-moment ideas about wealth & exchange on all levels.

That’s where we come in.

“Thank you for being a part of it, Tara and Adam. Your talk was AMAZING.”
–Willo O’Brien, VP of Marketing & Co-Founder, Stitch Labs

Where We’re Going

Schools & Universities

When we graduated high school & college, we learned the hard way: nobody owes us anything. We’ve worked hard to not only create thriving businesses but a healthy understanding of our value in the marketplace, the changing environment around work & life, and the importance of self-determination when it comes to career.

We create a dynamic presentation for your students that gets them excited about the possibilities before them and ready to claim wealth in-all-forms for themselves!

  • Exploring work-life integration
  • Discovering your value outside your resume
  • How entrepreneurship is a viable alternative to the job market
  • Why “business” isn’t a bad word

Conferences & Retreats

You bring together values-driven entrepreneurs & future-focused professionals and we’ll empower them to discover their value in the marketplace. Your audience will understand how to make their own customers wealthier while reaping the rewards.

  • Finding your ambition with purpose
  • Pursuing multidimensional wealth
  • Understanding business in the 21st century
  • Self-worth versus net worth

Startups & Corporations

Your executives, managers, marketing department, or product development team needs to understand their customers and how they feel about money, worth, and value. We are at the center of microbusiness culture and have daily conversations about money & meaning with your ideal customers.

We’ll present to or consult with the people on your team to foster a nuanced understanding of the customers you desire to serve and enable you create social engagement around your big ideas.

Each & every presentation is geared to your unique audience. While our themes appeal to many, we think the delivery should speak directly toyou.

My brain fizzled and popped like a not-so-expired alka seltzer with all the advice and brainstorming that went on at the Art of Earning LIVE.  There was not a minute that went by where one of us didn’t have an Aha! moment.
– Megan Eckman, San Jose, visual artist & business owner


Where We’ve Been

SXSW Interactive 2012 – Psychology & Philosophy of Premium Pricing
The Art of Earning LIVE – Who Are You to Earn from Your Art?
WISE Symposium at Syracuse University – The Art of Earning
Hello Etsy at the Smithsonian Portrait Gallery – Making Money Should Be Beautiful
BlogHer 2011 – Monetizing Your Blog with Digital Products
World Domination Summit – Reclaim Wealth: Make the World Richer

I had about a dozen lightbulb moments. I had so many ideas and mini revelations about how I can turn up the volume on my sales figures without necessarily doing more work.The presentation was real and relatable. The concepts were presented in a way that made them feel accessible. It was a more cerebral and elegant presentation. I loved the focus on relationship and human interaction. I could go on and on. My brain is buzzing.
– Stephanie Corfee, Philadelphia, visual artist & business owner

Book us.

To book us for a keynote, presentation, or workshop, contact info AT reclaimingwealth DOT com. Let us know the time frame of your event and budget. We’d also love to know more about you & your audience!

It was a tremendous experience and I’m sooooooo grateful!
– L’Erin Alta-Devki creator of SisterFire.com