We Help Small Business Owners Help Themselves

Here, it’s not about learning more. It’s about doing more and sharing more. Our community is on a mission to turn the small business owners of today into the economic powerhouses of tomorrow.

We Live In A World Overflowing With Ideas & Information

Now, on one hand, this is great. It’s never been easier to figure out how to start a business, find customers, or hire a new employee.

On the other hand, it can leave you overwhelmed and overloaded.

Even worse, it can leave you isolated.

When it seems like all the right information is a Google search away, you’re less tempted to pick up the phone and call a friend for advice.

And yet, you know it’s those personal connections and the opportunities to talk through your challenge that end up steering you in the right direction most often.

It’s In Those Moments You Truly Help Yourself

Well, we help small business owners help themselves.

We help you make personal connections with business owners who share many of your goals, values, and purpose—but have a diverse set of expertise and experiences so you benefit from their collective wisdom.

Our mission is to transform the small business owners of today into the economic powerhouses of tomorrow. The best way we know to do that is to get you in a virtual room with one another and let you trade ideas, challenges, and experience.

Our goal isn’t to teach you something new—although that will definitely happen. Our goal is to help you help yourself.

To do that, we have 5 (strong) suggestions:

1) Always know who to ask for help.

You don’t always have to know who will have the answer, but you need to have a starting point. There has to be a friend, a mastermind group, or a mentor you go to when you start feeling unsure of your next steps.
Of course, as long as you’re a member of The Lab, we’re happy to be your starting point. 
We’ll connect you with people who know or have experience with your challenge. Together, you’ll find your own answers.

2) Ask why at least 5x as often as how.

You probably get much too caught up in the “how” of running your business. It keeps you from setting bigger goals, finding creative solutions, and thinking outside of the industry you’re in.
Always focusing on “how” makes you a follower instead of an innovator.
On the other hand, asking “why” repeatedly (think the way a 4-year-old would do it) helps you understand the real forces at work. 
In The Lab, we’ll challenge you to think more often about the why behind your challenges so that you can get creative with the solutions and discover your own way of solving the problem.

3) Use your core values, mission, and positioning as a framework for decision-making. 

We call it your Quiet Power—but however you slice it, the combination of your values, mission, and positioning is the bellwether for every decision you make in your business.
Unfortunately, your personal values, mission, and positioning can be at odds with what’s trendy or best practice among small business owners in your field. That can make you feel like you have to choose between success and integrity.
We believe you should never have to choose between success and integrity. In The Lab, we’ll help you explore options for growing your business that align perfectly with your values, mission, and positioning so you can choose what’s going to work best for you.

4) Look for inspiration outside your industry.

If you’re going to excel, you need to dive into what’s working in other industries instead of following the playbook of the businesses that have come before you in your own industry.
It’s the best way to get creative, build a stand-out brand, and offer something different to customers who haven’t been satisfied with existing solutions.
Now, while you might know that this is true, there’s a good chance you’re most often looking to your own industry for guidance. In The Lab, you’ll mingle with a diverse range of small businesses from a diverse range of industries: legal, design, coaching, consulting, ecommerce, art, writing, and more.

5) Help others help themselves, too.

You might be a bit shy about sharing your experience, offering advice, or chiming in with an idea. But the best way to integrate new knowledge into real mastery is to do just that.
In The Lab, we encourage you to respond to others needs, offer a different perspective, and play devil’s advocate. The more you share, the more you’ll step into mastery as a small business owner.

Welcome to Quiet Power Strategy®: The Lab

The Lab is a community of smart, intentional small business owners who are navigating the opportunities and potential pitfalls of doing business in the New Economy. 

We don’t believe there is a secret formula for growing a business or even a course or workshop you can take to make your success a sure thing. We do believe that there are people, experiences, and collective wisdom that can bridge the gap from where you are now to where you want to be.

That’s where we come in.

When you join The Lab, we connect you with small business owners who have been there, done that–as well as done things you haven’t even thought of before!

I love being a part of a diverse entrepreneurial business community. I’ve often felt ahead of the curve in other communities but this one brings together entrepreneurs at every stage. Tara has the uncanny ability to solve my major business problems in just a few minutes. I always know exactly what steps to take after our coaching calls. The Lab will always remain a part of my business-building arsenal. 

Patrice Perkins

Founder of Creative Genius Law

Whenever I have a business-related question, I take it to the Lab. Not only do I get access to Tara’s brilliance, but I am continually blown away by the generosity and smarts in this community! I always come away with great feedback, advice, and resources to dig deeper. I’ve made lasting connections here, too. A lot of my most supportive, ongoing business relationships were born in the Lab.

Melissa Dinwiddie

Artist, Musician, and Creative Instigator


Lab members are coaches, writers, makers, PhDs, therapists, and designers. They’re copywriters, brand strategists, and scrapbooking superstars. Their experiences are diverse. Their businesses come in all shapes & sizes.

They all have 2 things in common:

1) They’re working hard to transform their communities, families, and selves through their businesses.

2) They all have believed they’re the exception. In fact, we specialize in the exceptional (that means you).

I’m Tara Gentile and a Lab membership is your access to me, this community of New Economy business owners, and the resources I’ve designed to serve businesses just like yours.

My specialty is pushing business owners who are already doing great work (whether for one or one million) to the next level of success.

I work with entrepreneurs to craft more effective marketing campaigns, more compelling sales processes, and more profitable business models. I often work with budding superstars to create leveraged income opportunities and backstage muses to construct sustainable models for working intimately with the people who bring them joy. I also work with artists, makers, and designers of all types to help them connect with more customers, develop customer-focused offerings, and bring in more money.

But You Don’t Need to Take My Word For It

We know that a community needs to be the right fit for you. We know you need to feel confident in your ability to get what you need. You want to make sure it works for you.

You’ve tried free Facebook groups but found them sprawling free-for-alls of self-promotion and conversations that just don’t resonate. You’ve tried course-after-course-after-course and–no matter how good they are–they tend to leave you wanting more (more community, more support, more camaraderie).

Quiet Power Strategy®: The Lab is different. It’s rich, deep, and intelligent. It’s full of members who are as focused on giving as they are on getting.

You’ve looked long and hard for colleagues who can expose you to new perspectives and make you feel at home. You’re careful when it comes to making decisions about what or who you’ll plug into when it comes to your business.

That’s why we open up our entire library, community, and mentor calls to you before we take your hard-earned money.

Get your questions answered, use all our training, pick my brain–ALL FREE for 11 days.

Tara possesses this uncanny ability to authentically connect with her students, empowering them with real, actionable tools to help them overcome their obstacles to achieve success. Although Tara might be teaching lessons to an audience of thousands, each student feels as if the instruction is customized specifically to them and their goals…that is something an instructor manifests or doesn’t…and Tara has it.

Michael Karsh

Lead Content Producer, CreativeLive


Lab members are working to:

  • Take their messages to a bigger audience and attract positive, challenging new customers.
  • Leverage their big ideas in the form of a program or book to maximize profit & impact.
  • Discover business models that allow them less time at the desk or more time in deep development.
  • Push beyond trading time for money.
  • Find the ease of owning a business and stop letting their businesses own them.
    Unlock magnetic brands that represent how they serve their clients best.
Kick Start Labs

There are lots of places to find business advice- both paid and free. I read most everything Tara writes and own a few of her Creative Live classes. I like the way she thinks. The Lab is one of the first places I go if I’m looking for specific information about digital marketing and strategy to promote an offline business. The community of sharp-minded individuals can’t be beat.

Dr. Andy Mathis

Veterinarian and Watercolor Artist

As someone coming from completely outside the online-biz world, the new skills and even terminology I need to master can be bewildering. The Lab is the one place I can come to ask the most basic questions without embarrassment, or pose the most sophisticated problems and get actionable advice. Sure, the community is warm and supportive, but above all, it’s smart and helpful!

Jessica Abel

Illustrator, Author, Speaker

Here’s what’s included with your Lab membership:

  • Twice monthly Q&A calls with business strategist Tara Gentile. Ask your questions, get answers.
  • Our community of success-focused and vision-driven micro business owners where you can ask your pressing business questions and get real-time answers from members, Quiet Power Strategy® Certified Strategists, and Tara.
  • Lively discussions on everything from Facebook ads to trends in content marketing to the finer points of building your team to the difficulties of scaling a business.

When I’m looking for answers to help me run my business better, FIRST I bring my questions to the Lab THEN I google. I know that Tara Gentile and the other Lab members are there for me and happy to share what’s worked well for them, their best resources and honest feedback. After a year as a member, I can’t imagine how I did it without them before and can’t imagine ever leaving.

I don’t feel so alone in running my business anymore and that gives me the confidence I need to stay with it especially on days I feel like throwing in the towel.

Jill Allison Bryan

Found of Creative Oasis Coaching

I’ve purged so many communities in the last few months. It’s gotten to where it seems like it’s more “noise”, than substance in online groups. The Lab is one of the very few places I’ve found where… 

a. I feel comfortable coming in to ask for advice/feedback (and I know I won’t be met with derision or worse… crickets) 

b. I find other people posting things that interesting, useful, or conversational… rather than random fluff or whining.

c. The person who’s running the group (Tara) is actually a solid presence in the group, rather than a shadow-name to make everyone feel good about joining

Amanda Sue Howell

Founder of Cheeky Visionaries

The Lab is on an entirely different level than any other business community I’ve been a part of. Every question gets intelligent and thoughtful answers. It’s an oasis of critical thinking and real business minded insight in a sea of empty promises.

Karyn Kelbaugh

Founder of Hey Karyn


FREE 10-day trial. Then, just $59 per month.

To get your questions answered and get back to growing your business, start your FREE TRIAL to The Lab today.

You’ve got questions.

We’ve got answers.

Will this work for me?

We have members in a diverse set of fields: web design, fine art, copywriting, career coaching, music industry education, curriculum design, micromanufacturing, homewares, scrapbooking, and more. Our resources are built for all types of businesses to use and are based on core principles that many programs leave out.

If you want to hear from people in your industry, we can most likely hook you up. If you want to hear from people outside your bubble, we can definitely help with that too. Our goal is to get you the resources you need to create your next breakthrough.

Do I have time for this?

If you’re like most business owners we know, you’re currently spending hours per day looking for the answers you need. We aim to put those answers in 1 place for you so you always know where to go to get help.

You don’t have time to NOT use this. Whether you ask me on a mentor call, pose your question to the community, navigate the Lab library, or use our concierge support team to find what you need, we’ll do our very best to put you on the path forward as quickly as possible.

What kind of businesses belong to The Lab?

All sorts. We’ve got life coaches, illustrators, yarn dyers, health coaches, photographers, scrapbook designers, web designers, a tutor, a gardener, writers, and all sorts of others. They all run “microbusinesses” and they all believe that doesn’t mean getting by with less, but instead doing more with a lean & mean attitude.

Can I cancel any time?

Yes. Cancel any time.

When are the monthly calls and what if I miss them?

Monthly calls are the 1st Wednesday at 8:30am Pacific/11:30am Eastern and the 3rd Thursday at 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern. Every so often they need to be rescheduled due to Tara’s family or travel schedule. If you’re going to miss a call, you can drop your question in the Google+ community and Tara will answer it on the call. You can grab your answer on the recording!

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