Better Sales Pages Mean More Money

[threecol_two]Did you know that a couple tweaks on a sales page could result in hundreds or thousands of dollars in more revenue for your business?

Think about it. Say you’ve got 1,000 people viewing your offer. And your sales page is currently turning about 3% of those people into customers.

What if you could make it 4%? That’s 40 customers instead of 30. And if your product or service costs $100? That’s $1000 added to your business’s bottom line.

A headline tweak, a format switcheroo, and even the positioning of a “buy now” button can lead to exactly those kind of results. Even better, you can learn to spot these opportunities yourself–and even to anticipate them–if you know the kinds of things that move customers over & over again.

On Friday, December 6 at 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern, join Kick Start Labs founder Tara Gentile as she shares her top 3 sales page tips and does a live sales page review for a few lucky participants. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Learn the simple format that gently guides the right prospects to keep reading.
  • Discover how to write a headline that actually gets readers’ attention. (and why yours probably isn’t working)
  • Find out what most marketers do wrong when it comes to testimonials.
  • Get real-time examples of sales page improvements

When you register for the call, you’ll have the opportunity to submit your own sales page (product description, service page, etc…) to receive a free review. You’ve got to be live on the line to receive your free review.

Here’s what happened for one Kick Start Labs member after she received a sales page review from Tara:

Michelle Fifis - Pattern Observer“My updated sales page began converting at a rate of 48% from wait list subscribers! I attribute so much of my business growth to Tara’s amazing advice and the support this group offers.”
— Michelle Fifis, founder of Pattern Observer

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