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Are you ready to blog with purpose & passion?

Better Blogging Kick Start is a FREE 10-part email course designed to guide you in exploring your own passion, your creative business, and your relationship with the community around you.

  • What do I say?
  • How do I find the time?
  • Are people even interested?
  • How can I get more out of every post?
  • How can I create a community around my blog?
  • If people read my blog, will they be interested in my business?

You’re creative: an artist, a maker, a coach, a designer, a developer, a problem solver. You want to blog – maybe you’re blogging already – maybe you’re an experienced blogger who’s looking for more.

It’s not about blogging with a formula. It’s not about blogging because you should. It’s not about jumping on the bandwagon.

Better blogging is blogging with intention.
It’s about knowing what you want and crafting an online space that will get you there. It’s about making your desires known and inviting others to help you achieve them.

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Tara is like having your own personal trainer. She’s a motivator. She has inspired, explained, intrigued, enabled and encouraged small businesses. I don’t know where she gets her energy or prose, much less her great ideas.

— Linda, Alamode Stuff


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“She anchored me deeper in my work and expanded my purpose.”
— L’Erin Asantewaa, SisterFire