Art of Growth

Art of GrowthThere’s more to business than the first kiss.

Sure, the first bit is thrilling. You take your talents & skills, woo your initial customers, and establish a working relationship. But then what? How do you transition from the rush of beginning to confidence in a business that will provide for you?

That’s the art of growth. It’s not about making your business cutthroat, impersonal, or corporate. The art of growth is using smart strategies to make your business more personal and more service-driven as it makes a bigger impact.

Really, it’s about teaching your business to take care of itself so that you can go on about your own life.

“…challenges the old hustle mindset and instead promotes a business model built on values and providing value. It’s all about “making a bigger impact with less struggle.”

– Theresa Reed, The Tarot Lady

The Art of Growth teaches both the philosophy of business growth in the new age of business and concrete strategies you can implement in your business today.

Will today be the day your business enters a whole new phase? Will today be the day you claim a bigger impact for yourself and your customers?

The Art of Growth is available two ways: as a multimedia package including a printable PDF, EPUB format suitable for iBooks, Kindle, or Nook, and an audiobook version – or – as a Kindle book on Amazon.

“…the value here is not just in the amazing concepts and philosophy Tara describes,

but in the practical how-to that’s woven in.”

– Anne Samoilov, Launch Strategist, Director of Operations at LKR Social Media

“What I love love love about this book and all of Tara’s work is the freshness. The intelligence. It’s like a pow of inspiration you can use. This book touches on this

huge issue–building your business–with such finesse. So worth your time.

– Jennifer Louden, author of the Comfort Queen series and co-creator of TeachNow

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“What I appreciate about Tara’s work is that she smartly, succinctly, and intelligently

lays out a path for the entrepreneur to leapfrog some of those steps that can lead to burn-out and abandoned dreams.”

– Jennifer, 5 Star Review via Amazon

About the Author Tara Gentile is a business strategist for entrepreneurs making a difference through commerce. She’s a regular contributor to DailyWorth and a small business expert contributor to YFS Magazine. She was featured in the New York Times bestselling book, The $100 Startup, and named a Top Single-Voice Business Blog by bestselling author Jonathan Fields in 2012. Her philosophy on business in the You Economy resonates with PhDs, MBAs, and graduates of the school of life.