Money Doesn’t Have to Make Your Squirm

It’s the questions of “worth,” the unwieldy bookkeeping tools, the sense of “never enough,” the anxiety around having too much, the constant cutting and never-ending budgeting. It’s asking for a raise or setting your price. It’s rarely getting exactly what you want and the fear of what would result if you did.

It’s the “I don’t really need to get paid much if I love what I’m doing!” And the resentment that follows.

Money makes us squirm.

Money has held it’s power over us for too long. I say that stops today.

It’s time for some money-relationship therapy and I’m putting you on the couch.

Making money should be beautiful. Making money should be liberating, fortifying, and joyous. Making money isn’t what defines you but it shouldn’t be bewildering either.

Your ability to create a sustainable business as an passion-driven entrepreneur (yes, I mean you) is directly related to our (yes, I mean us) ability to rebuild an economy based on honesty & merit instead of greed & corruption.

Your relationship with money is not defined by how much you had as a kid – I didn’t have much – or how much your spouse earns. It’s not determined by what you learned – or didn’t – in college. Your ability to earn a good living or create a thriving business isn’t just about what’s in demand – although that’s some crazy creative stuff! – but about all the greatness you have to offer.

Especially that.

The Art of Earning is a digital that will guide you through recreating your own money story.

The .zip package includes:

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From business martyr to business maven…

I’m Tara Gentile and I’m building the New Economy with YOU at the center. In order to achieve my goal of seeing commerce driven by passionate, ethical, and people-focused entrepreneurs, I need those entrepreneurs to get right by earning money doing what they love. That’s why I wrote The Art of Earning.

Just a year ago, I wrote this in the virtual pages of The Daily Worth:

How did I go from making $14 an hour in retail hell to creating actual personal and professional prosperity? Believe me, I never thought I’d be the one to raise my hand and say I’d crossed the line from starving artist to thriving artist.

I desperately want to help you make this transition too. Whether you are a traditional artist or whether your art is writing kick ass copy, intuitive healing, or teaching yoga, you are an artist to me. Thrive, artist, thrive.

When I started my business, I found success in the form of community and popularity but just couldn’t seem make enough money to justify the amount of work I was putting into my business. It quickly became clear that it wasn’t a matter of what I was offering or my marketing techniques but a fundamental problem with the way I approached my relationship with money.

One day it clicked: it didn’t cheapen my art if I earned good money from it.

It also didn’t make me a greedy person to price my work in relation to the value it provided others. And, finally, that just because I raised my prices didn’t mean others couldn’t afford it – it meant they had to prioritize it.

That series of realizations enabled me to take a part-time business and make it a 6-figure business in less than a year. And even more than the money, I liberated myself to experience the world in a whole new way.

Money is never just…money. It’s power, influence, ability, access, freedom, self-care, a portal to philanthropy…and so much more. With The Art of Earning, Tara Gentile masterfully shifts you towards a new money ‘tude, one that celebrates cash as a tangible expression of VALUE. Your value. Here, on earth. Prepare to raise the stakes, your rates, and your spirits.- Alexandra Franzen | |

I believe that making money should be honest, easy, and beautiful. I believe that you can love what you do and earn good money. I believe that there’s more you can do with your money than save or consume. I believe that it’s your responsibility to charge what your worth and love doing it.

That’s why I wrote The Art of Earning.

In it, you’ll find my explanation of the way the economy is changing, why that’s good for you, what you can do about it, and what you fundamentally need to understand about your business to make earning money a beautiful process.

Tara is a deep and profound teacher, guiding creatives of all kinds to live (and work) their most beautiful life. “Art of Earning” will help you heal your beliefs about money and start getting into a really loving relationship with moolah and your mojo. It will teach you how to be a Goddess of your own Abundance. The world needs this!- Goddess Leonie | | author of the Business Goddess ecourse

Pick up your copy – and start radically reframing your relationship to the Almighty Dollar for $25.

The .zip package includes:

  • 79 page full-color PDF, suitable for printing
  • ePub format copy for Nook or iDevices
  • .prc format for Kindle
  • .m4a audio version for all listening devices
Grab your copy and start making money beautifully:

Seriously, you can change the price.

Your emotions about money deeply affect your experience with money. Tara Gentile’s The Art of Earning is an intelligent treatise on our relationship with money. Her gentle questions guide us to approach money and work with natural authenticity and grace. I loved it.- Bridget Pilloud | | creator of the Lucky 7 Process
“You, artist, are a hot commodity.” In addictively readable prose that quivers and snaps with something like poetry, Tara Gentile calls out the overworked and underearning in the creative digital business realm. Enough, she says. If you’ve been wondering why you haven’t had your money breakthrough yet, or if you’re stuck in the ‘middle’ of your industry with no clue how to rise and terrified to fall, Tara’s here to set you straight. You’ll see yourself on just about every page . . . but not for long.- Abby Kerr | | expert on Ruling Your Realm
Table of Contents

introductionI’m gonna radically reframe your relationship with money.

the big pictureBig changes are a brewing and you should celebrate.

the small pictureGet centered around what money really means to you.

get in the flowChange the way you look at money in your life.

the paycheck prisonYour paycheck isn’t “stability,” it’s a jail cell.

the question of injusticeSo many have less, who are you to ask for more?

the third choiceIt’s not just about saving or consuming!

units of measureJust because you hate budgets doesn’t mean you hate money.

abundance vs meaningYou’re in the “art” business and that’s a good thing.

the first rule of earning moreYour gain is NOT your customer’s loss.

creating a business where earning is an artJust the basics.

losing itIt sucks.

understanding the value of freeHint: there’s a lot of value in free.

being in controlIt’s like magic!

conclusionGo out and make some money!

resourcesMy go-to people and products.

79 pages formatted as PDF, epub format for iBooks or Nook included

Note: This is not a book about “making money online,” “getting rich quick,” or even a “how to” for starting your passion-driven business. This is a guide for strengthening your relationship with the no-so-almighty dollar while doing work that turns you on & changes the world. If making money while doing what you love has ever felt uncomfortable, this is the guide for you.

Drop the ick! Start making money beautifully today: