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Learn to Host Teleclasses

quotesTeleclasses are a powerful way to connect with potential customers. We show you how to get the most from this technique. Read the tutorial >>

Business Models Demystified

piechartThere's more to your business than sales & marketing. Understanding your business model can result in exponential increases in revenue. Learn more now >>

Tara’s Go-To Tool

pencilGet instant access to The Perspective Map, the tool Tara has used with hundreds of clients. Get instant access >>

Notes from the Lab


As a new business owner, I really need good old fashioned brainstorming with talented people who understand the demands of trying to grow a small business.


Business success comes from the interplay of strategy and incremental, daily decisions. Having access to the business brain trust known as Tara Gentile for both vantage points for the continuous forks on the small business path through Kick Start Labs is a small business owner’s competitive edge and a huge sigh of relief.


Being part of Kick Start Labs means I am never running my business on my own, never making guesses in the dark. My good ideas get discussed and expanded, and my bad ideas get called out before they get started. I work on my own, but Kick Start Labs puts me a whole team behind me.